2-Step Bun: The Easy Fun Bun

2-Step Bun: The Easy Fun Bun

What is the low messy bun?

The BUN. It looks easy….and is easy with our help! Messy buns have been popularized by celebrities, pop icons, and superstars. And we all want that look for ourselves. Now generally there are two types of messy buns – the low and the high. Today we are going to learn how to do the low bun in just two easy steps. The low messy bun sits low behind your head and is slightly loose.


I have been repeatedly wearing this bun for some time and it is super easy to do!


What do you need?

You will need one or two clear elastics and a bobby pin or two, depending on the thickness of your lovely hair. 


Step 1

Tease your hair into getting the volume it requires! If you have thin hair it helps to tease it a bit so that it looks nice and voluminous.


Pull your hair into a low ponytail, and pull it only halfway through so it is not a normal ponytail. It is similar to the bun. (Leave it in a loop instead of pulling all the hair, though). It is ideal to twist around, look in the mirror and loosen it as you like before we continue. You can keep it looser if you want to make it dressier, and tighter if you want to keep it more casual.


Step 2
Grab the section of your hair that is not completely pulled through, and wrap this around the clear elastic. Now add in a bobby pin or two to secure it in place. Pull your hair around a little more to get extra strands of hair to stick out if you like that. Now, you are ready to look like the gorgeous woman you are!

And that’s it! Stretch it out a little and you are done. Wrapping the hair around the clear elastic is the quickest way to make a low bun like this look a little more sophisticated and a lot fresher than seeing a clear elastic in your hair!

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