3-Minutes to Gorgeousness

3-Minutes to Gorgeousness

In this day and age, everyone is busy, and long makeup routines can hamper your day. You are the bridesmaid, you slept in, and you need to be ready in 10 minutes, but there is one key thing that you haven’t done – your MAKEUP! Now you need to spend an extra half hour at least to get it done. Talk about hectic!


Worry no more! Bellus Beauty & Hair Studio is a Mississauga hair salon near you and we are going to show you how you can get your face all glammed up in just 3 minutes!


Good makeup is a way to be presentable during meetings, during weddings, and Met Galas (Can I be your friend, please?)


There are five steps to having a lovely, quick makeup routine:


Step 1: Moisturizing

Spend a good 30 seconds on moisturizing because it reduces/prevents dryness, slows the signs of aging, helps fight acne, protects the skin, and is soothing. Makeup without moisturization can lead to excessive dryness and peeling.


Step 2: Applying Concealer 


For the next 30-40 seconds, you will spend on the concealer. Before we understand the benefits, let me be clear –  we are not trying to add shape to your already beautiful face. We will emphasize features that are already present. Concealers help to enhance your already perfect skin, alleviate dark circles, emphasize your beautiful features and protect you from the sun. No matter what the occasion, concealer is the way to go. 


Step 3: Foundation


You are going to spend one full minute on this step. The foundation helps you create an even, uniform color to the complexion and cover blemishes or blackheads.  


If you did want to save an extra minute or so, you can use tinted moisturizers instead of three separate products for a moisturizer, concealer, and foundation cream. Since this does almost everything that a moisturizer does, it can be handy. But make sure to blend it well to prevent patchy areas on your face.


Step 4: Eye/ Eyebrow


Now, eye/eyebrow makeup can be different for everybody. If you have thinner eyebrows, you can fill them up with a pencil.  People with thinner lashes use mascara to darken them. It is important to know your eyes are beautiful and you don’t need to work on them as much as you think. But we are going to leave this to your preference.


Step 5: Lipgloss/ Lipstick


It will take less than 30 seconds to apply lipgloss or lipstick and choose your favorite color or flavour. Your lips are going to add that pop of color to your face. Make sure your lipstick complements your attire!


And that’s it! You are ready in just 3-4 minutes! Don’t be shy to add or delete processes as per your daily routine, schedule or depending on the event. Look good ladies! You deserve it!


If you find it difficult to create a hairstyle or looking for a great facial treatment and want to get glammed up for any occasion, head down to Bellus Beauty & Hair Studio, our neighbourhood unisex family salon near you. Our experts will help you get that perfect look you are looking for.