Is It Messy Or Is It Just Undone?!

Is It Messy Or Is It Just Undone?!

Tightly combed and neatly braided hairstyles are ones of the past. Undone, untidy sexy hairdos are all the rage now! And you want to have one, don’t you? Lucky for you, we are a salon near you, and are going to show you how to pull off the most amazing undone looks. So whether you are going to a casual work party, or that super fun bachelorette, you are going to look like a baddie!

To clarify, undone does not mean you get up from the bed and just get dressed without prepping your wonderful hair. It just means casual, cool, and convenient. And the best thing about undone hairstyles is the fact that it goes well with any outfit.

The undone look requires two things: volume and structure. This creates a texture similar to bed heads, but is a lot hotter. Don’t you girls think so? 

This type of styling requires five things –  volumizing shampoo, styling mousse, volumizing powder, or dry shampoo, anti-frizz lotion, and hairspray.

The volumizing shampoo helps create the natural and necessary volume for this hairstyle.  The styling mousse is used to massage your hair after the shampoo. Then you apply the dry shampoo or volumizing powder to the root of your hair to expand that volume. You finish it off with anti-frizz lotion and hairspray to hold this fun hairdo!

Now, this is not the only way to get that perfectly-imperfect hairdo. Here are some easier ways to create undone hairdos.

  1. The Quick-Style Mess
    Once you are done washing your hair or having a bath, just use your fingers to comb back your hair and untangle those knots. Do this while adding volume to your hair by moving your hands around as you comb through them.
    Once you do this, blow dry your hair while hanging your hair upside down, and you can finish it off with a hair spray to hold the look.
  2. Backcomb Curls
    Now, this can be cheaper but is far more time-consuming. You need to backcomb your hair and use a curler to add slight small curls to make it look messy. But be careful that you don’t do too well in the curls department as the look starts becoming perfect, instead of, perfectly-imperfect!
  3. Messy Updos
    Another incredible way to form an “Undone Look” may be updos, like a bun, pigtail, or ponytail. Backcomb your hair and tie up your hair at the top while leaving a few strands out. This creates that perfectly-imperfect look that resembles our lovely Cara Delevingne or Jennifer Aniston in “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.”

If you find it difficult to create a hairstyle for any occasion, head down to our unisex family salon near you, Bellus Beauty & Hair Studio, and our expert stylists will help create that perfect look you are hoping for.