Lip Illusion

 Lip Illusion

Your lips add a pop of color to your face that cannot be done by any other feature! Great lip color will brighten both your smile and your face. The key to creating gorgeous lips is to accentuate your mouth in such a way that there exists an overall harmony with the other features of the face and the shape of your face. 


Makeup experts such as our own at Bellus Beauty & Hair Studio can use lip pencils and a variety of flip colors and textures to change the shape of your lips!


There are different textures in the lip world. A few sought-after textures are matte, glossy, creamy, pearl, etc. It is important to understand that while low-priced products can achieve the looks you need, they are usually lackluster. Richly pigmented lip products help maintain the look for a long time and look more realistic than ever with the help of experts. 

Various corrective lip techniques involve the makeup artist choosing to use concealers or foundation, set with powder, to create a new palette that will be used to better define the lip shape.


There are different lip types and there are different ways to make them look different. We will discuss a few of them. 


Full Lips

Usually, if you have fuller lips you tend to want to de-emphasize them. To do that, the makeup artist will use a neutral lip pencil to draw inside the lip lines to make them look smaller. In case the client wants to make it look bigger, the artist would draw outside the lip lines. Then they would tend to use glossy and/or bright saturated colors to make the lip look prominent.


Small Lips

To create a larger lip illusion, use of gloss is key. The makeup artist will first have to use a natural color tone to draw outside the lips lines, and slightly wider lines until the desired fullness is attained. Try to avoid highly saturated colors or harsh lines. But gloss is recommended to enhance the lip shape.


Thin Lips

Similar to small lips, the artist has to correct the lip lines by drawing outside them. It is also important to note the lip pencil should complement the lip color and needs to be applied symmetrically. Red, light, or medium tones are most appropriate to be used in creating the illusion of larger lips.


Uneven Lips

By now, you may have realized the most important part of lip illusions is drawing on the lips to manipulate the lip lines. But it is very challenging to correct lips that are uneven or asymmetrical. In this case, you need to first cover the lips with foundation and setting powder – after which you can draw lines to correct the lip lines and fill them in with color.


Keep your lips glossy and lovely always!


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