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Facials/Skin Treatments

Skin treatments exfoliate, cleanse and nourish the skin, geared to reduce the effects of time and sun exposure. 

 Repair Intensive Facials 

This treatment is significant for immediate relief for sensitive skin, improves resistance against external agents and reduces skin redness. It is rich in natural Vitamin C.

Pure Intensive Complex Facial

This treatment is significant for GSE (grapefruit seed extract), matt-effect polymer, vegetable extracts. GSE rich in polyphonic components helps to control the spread of bacteria. The matte effect polymer effect of sebaceous hyper secretion minimizes skin imperfection. Vegetable extracts Dermo-purifying synergy helps to restore the skin’s PH level.

Hydro Boost Water Facial

This treatment is significant for penetrating the skin layer.3D HYALURONIC ACID hydrating, improving the skin’s elasticity and gradual water restoring the skin’s moisture balance.

Exforadiance Peeling Treatment:

This treatment is like a natural complex of carbohydrates (SUGARS) found in the horny layer (stratum corneum).  It binds to the keratin found in the skin through a skin-compatible action that controls skin action and reduces dryness. It is also composed of a highly purified natural extract like ARBUTUS and a Vitamin C derivative, that has an illuminating ,brightening and evening action on the skin.

Detoxifying Vitamin C Treatment:

This treatment prevents Antioxidant shield, Natural protection, and cell longevity. It reduces the damage caused by exposure to environmental pollutants. It boasts sun protection factors and protects the skin from the damage of IR Radiation. A powerful antioxidant and a natural anti-inflammatory promote the increase of skin thickness, elasticity, and tone.

Casmara Hydro Jelly Mask Facial: 

The HYDRO JELLY MASK controls pigmentation, lightens and regenerates skin. It works well as an anti- wrinkle remedy. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Facial Hair Lightening

An application of hydrogen peroxide helps lighten your facial hair, giving your face an instant glow. It also makes any pigmentation or blemishes on your face appear lighter.

How to Prepare for Your Skincare Appointment:


  • Wear clothing that is comfortable.
  • Stay out of the sun and refrain from tanning services approximately five days prior to your facial.
  • Inform your esthetician of the skincare products you have, as well as any medical conditions or skin concerns. 

Facial Hair Lightening:

Prior to your appointment, ensure your face is clean. Any makeup should be removed with a gentle cleanser and patted dry.

After-Care for Your Skincare Appointment:


  • Avoid heavy makeup and skincare products, as well as exfoliation for several days.
  • Keep your skin well hydrated by drinking enough water. 
  • Stay out of the sun.

Facial Hair Lightening:

Stay sun-safe by being meticulous about wearing SPF-protection.

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